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Accutane generic reviews and testimonials

  • AH
    Anton Huddleston
    Verified review

    At 17, I had oily skin, severe acne, low self-esteem, and was depressed and anti-social. I decided to try Accutane and I'm VERY HAPPY I DID IT! Terrible acne disappeared, the skin is no longer oily. My self-esteem is 1000000 times higher than before.

  • ER
    Ellery Rogerson
    Verified review

    I 100% recommend this drug! At 21, I had severe acne. At first, I used antibiotics, they helped by 75%. Accutane completely cleared my skin, although not right away. My worst side effects were back pain and flaky skin. They disappeared after about a month of treatment. Now I'm 23, and I have great skin.

  • GF
    Gillian Fay
    Verified review

    The pills for pimples work great, they have changed my life and self-esteem.

  • DE
    Damian Elmer
    Verified review

    This is my first Accutane treatment and it's coming to an end. I had no problems with taking the pills, only a positive effect on the skin.

  • MF
    Mattis Fontaine
    Verified review

    I'm 22, and I've been taking these pills for about 3 months now. So far so good, no serious side effects other than dry skin and slight muscle fatigue. Now my skin is not perfect, but the difference is huge. I'm not as shy as I used to be. I'm very glad I switched to this medication.

  • HM
    Hamilton Moses
    Verified review

    The order came quickly in good packaging. I'll buy Accutane here again.

  • IL
    Isidore Lama
    Verified review

    I highly recommend Accutane, but it's best to consult a dermatologist first. Acne treatment takes a lot of time and effort, so be patient!

  • DB
    Dwayne Butts
    Verified review

    I was told that this is a good medicine and I decided to try it. The results were wonderful! To be honest, if you have severe acne, this product is probably the best option for you. It has side effects, like any drug.

  • OG
    Omar Giehl
    Verified review

    Of course, there are many good medicines and cosmetics for acne. Everyone has different experience with acne. As for me, Accutane helped me a lot and there were no side effects.

  • MC
    Maurice Cummins
    Verified review

    I bought Accutane online, happy with everything. Fantastic service.

  • SP
    Sterling Parkins
    Verified review

    Hello to everyone. A dermatologist prescribed Accutane and I took pills for 6 months. After many years of fighting pimples, the skin began to shine with health. To be honest, none of the drugs have worked as well as Accutane.

  • CR
    Cara Readdie
    Verified review

    I sincerely think that if I had taken Accutane before, my life might have been different. Now I'm proud of my acne-free skin.

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