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Antabuse generic reviews and testimonials

  • BG
    Boone Gott
    Verified review

    I’ve never lived a sober life. And when I was 43, I decided to end this bad habit once and for all. The doctor recommended Antabuse as a means to achieve the goal. I have to admit, I was a little afraid to try, 'cause I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to stop drinking. My willpower helped me resist the drunkenness, and the pills helped too. No alcohol for 78 days. Every day makes it easier for me to resist the urge to drink. I have NO side effects. I am grateful to Antabuse, it changed my life for the better.

  • AG
    Angelica Ganza
    Verified review

    Well, all I can say is WOW!! I was consistent in taking pills every day, and the cravings were minimal.

  • BA
    Brenton Amsel
    Verified review

    I know Antabuse has side effects, and I’ve had them too — irritability and bad mood, but all drugs can cause side effects. I have a friend who told me: "Looking at you, I don’t want to use Antabuse because I’m afraid of side effects". I asked him: "What side effects are caused by alcohol?", and he pondered. Thank heavens for Antabuse!!

  • SH
    Siegfried Holland
    Verified review

    I used Antabuse to stop drinking after 9 years of alcohol abuse. I think it’s a miracle cure, and more people should know about it. My friend told me about the pills, the doctor confirmed everything, and I asked for a prescription. I began to live a sober life. One day I thought: "I really don’t want it", the craving for alcohol passed almost unnoticed for me.

  • LB
    Lukas Bullock
    Verified review

    I’ve drunk for 26 years. I tried to give up and failed every time. Then I tried to use Antabuse pills for six months. It was almost a year ago, and I haven’t even had a desire to drink since. I had no side effects, for me this drug became the only way out, the real savior. 100 % cure.

  • AT
    Alden Troy
    Verified review

    Hey, guys, I’ve taken the pills for 13 weeks, and oh, my God, what a great result — I can resist drinking. I’m glad I did it, or else I wouldn’t be where I am now — I’ve got a new job, my career’s up. Good luck to all in a future free of alcohol.

  • EH
    Edmund Huddleson
    Verified review

    I’ve not drunk for a year. I don’t take Antabuse anymore, but it was necessary. The thing is that these pills force you to be sober and help you change your habits. My physical and mental state went up in a spiral. Every morning when I wake up I have a clear head and logical thinking in order. These pills became a way out for me. I’m already not thinking of drinking as of a reward at the end of the working week.

  • IN
    Issac Nelson
    Verified review

    I loved to drink thinking it to be my way of dealing with stress. I drank more every year until I became a chronic drunkard. I began to take Antabuse on January 1, 2021, because my doctor told me in detail about my health problems and said that I should give up. Today, I’m still taking the pills, and I plan to do so for a few more months. I don’t want to fail and go back to hell. Recommend to all.

  • PH
    Paul Harlan
    Verified review

    I’ve drunk for over 12 years, several times a week. During these years, I’ve had several attempts to stop drinking, but they’ve all been unsuccessful. I have some friends who have completely stopped drinking alcohol with the help of Antabuse, so I decided to try. I’ve already been sober for 45 days and sometimes I still feel like something’s missing. I hope I’ll be clean soon and it’ll be for life. Try it and good luck!

  • GB
    Giada Basile
    Verified review

    I almost let alcohol make my life hell. I can recommend these pills to anyone who can’t stop.

  • KW
    Kyle Wragge
    Verified review

    I went to a narcologist and was prescribed Antabuse. To be honest, I wasn’t much afraid of side effects. In a week, I stupidly decided to see what would happen if I drank beer. I couldn’t finish half of it and suddenly it started. That was my “punishment”, I felt TERRIBLE! I thought my heart was about to pop out of my chest or explode, then I experienced an uncontrollable tremor in my hands, my throat swelled, it was hard to breathe, I first experienced such fear. THAT WAS A REALLY BAD IDEA! This drug works wonders, but under no circumstances, no matter what happens in life, DO NOT DRINK WHILE TAKING PILLS.

  • ES
    Elvin Sackville
    Verified review

    Tomorrow, it will be three weeks since I drank the last can of beer. Antabuse helps me cope with any urge. A month ago, alcohol nearly ruined my family. I’ll never let that happen again. This drug is a great deterrent, I don’t feel like a leper anymore.

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