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Aralen generic reviews and testimonials

  • GG
    Glenna Gibb
    Verified review

    I had severe symptoms of Covid. Probably it was due to my being overweight and having high blood pressure. I took 5 doses of Aralen in 5 days, the difference was huge. I was still coughing a little, but could already breathe normally, and all body pains subsided. I had no noticeable side effects. I'm very glad I could recover.

  • HS
    Hector Sinclair
    Verified review

    In February, I felt sick, lost my sense of smell and had other noticeable symptoms. Express test gave a positive result for covid-19. I began to take Aralen and got better within the next 48 hours. The drug caused vomiting and stomach discomfort. But if I am ever again diagnosed with covid, I will definitely use Aralen.

  • PS
    Pascal Schmid
    Verified review

    I had Covid and serious breathing problems, I was very dizzy and nauseous. I felt a difference after the third dose of Aralen. Today it is my first day without Aralen, I am almost fine, only feel weak.

  • CR
    Corbin Remington
    Verified review

    It's my second purchase here. I ordered Aralen 250 mg with home delivery two weeks ago. The best ratio of price and quality. Good customer service!

  • HT
    Hugues Tamboia
    Verified review

    I've just taken the 5th dose of the 7-day treatment, and I feel great. Sometimes I have a stomach pain that disappears in about an hour. But It's much better than feeling like you can't breathe.

  • ER
    Ellis Riley
    Verified review

    It seems to me that I can recommend Aralen. I avoided the terrible symptoms of Covid.

  • MT
    Melvin Thatcher
    Verified review

    I was not lucky, and I got sick. I took Aralen for recent COVID-19 infection. Within 5 days, pain and high temperature disappeared, and I felt better. Don't forget to eat before taking these pills or otherwise you may feel nauseous.

  • SH
    Siegmar Hase
    Verified review

    I feel much better than before using Aralen. My chronic cough subsided and my temperature was almost normal. All Covid symptoms disappeared except for loss of taste and smell. Dizziness was the only bad thing I had.

  • CB
    Carlyle Brewer
    Verified review

    I'm vaccinated, but I have not been revaccinated. I've just got through with COVID-19 for the first time. I'm obese and have always had breathing problems. I began to take the drug twice a day, and each dose brought some improvement. The chills disappeared, cough decreased, breathing improved. The only side effects I noticed were tinnitus and blurred vision, but they didn't bother me much. I really believe that Aralen saved me from possible hospitalization or other problems.

  • AC
    Allyn Clifford
    Verified review

    After my grandpa got positive test results for Covid, he was treated with this medicine. I can’t say whether the drug helped or not, but the virus gradually abated. The drug also had an interesting "side effect". Before Covid, my granddad had pain in his legs, and Aralen reduced pain and swelling.

  • HC
    Harper Corwin
    Verified review

    Strongly recommend Aralen. Fast effect, high efficiency and excellent value for money. I have been using this website for many years, and it never let me down.

  • DV
    Daniel Veronesi
    Verified review

    I am not saying that Aralen saved my life, but maybe it did. Blood oxygen saturation increased rapidly. After 5 days I felt better.

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