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Avana reviews and testimonials

  • CC
    Cornelio Cino
    Verified review

    For me the result was very good. In principle, I was tuned for a long treatment, but I was very pleasantly surprised. A dose of 100 mg worked the first time.

  • IH
    Isaac Hobbs
    Verified review

    In my case, it is an ideal option, I will order Avana again.

  • AF
    Alfred Franke
    Verified review

    In the middle age there is nothing worse than erectile dysfunction, especially if left untreated. I use Avana 100 mg almost a year. My wife likes everything because I can be ready for sex in 15 minutes. My advice — don’t be stupid and don’t try to hide from your wife that you’re taking ED drugs.

  • EH
    Elias Haight
    Verified review

    Avana 200 mg pills save my nights. Sometimes I can’t come, but it’s much better than not being able to start.

  • KS
    Kendall Swallow
    Verified review

    I can’t wait to take Avana for the second time. The pill worked in 15 minutes, and my girlfriend said I was great!

  • ES
    Erick Sims
    Verified review

    Since my prostate surgery, I haven’t had a normal erection. The doctor said it might be a temporary effect. I decided to try Avana last week. This drug gives me an erection like the one I had when I was young.

  • GN
    Gabriel Nixon
    Verified review

    Low prices, anonymous order, great pharmacy!

  • VL
    Vasco Langlois
    Verified review

    Instant reaction, but you should take Avana on an empty stomach with a glass of water!

  • LS
    Lacy Stephens
    Verified review

    I'm 38 and I've had poor erections regularly over the last decade of my sexual life. I've been taking Avana for the last two weeks and it really helped me. I tried Viagra before but the price was too high and it didn't work as fast. And I also want to give advice — more gym, less cigarettes and alcohol.

  • FJ
    Franklyn Jakeman
    Verified review

    It gives amazing results.

  • JS
    Jackson Starr
    Verified review

    I'm not as young as I used to be and I have some erection problems. I met a woman that I like and this bothered me a lot. Avana gave me self-confidence. The pill worked in 30 minutes, the best erection in years.

  • RC
    Rupert Cartwright
    Verified review

    I'm very happy and can't understand why I didn't order Avana before.

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