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Cenforce reviews and testimonials

  • EG
    Ethan Godfrey
    Verified review

    Hello. I’m from the age of pre-internet porn, and I’m a bit of a porn addict. I noticed my erection got weak, I guessed it was because of porn. In January 2022, I decided to do something about it. I stopped watching porn for 3 months, but it did not help. I still couldn’t maintain an erection or get excited enough for sex intercourse. After studying the problem on the Internet, I realized that ED drugs could help me. Cenforce is a great drug. It made it possible to maintain an erection, as well as to get satisfaction from sex again.

  • WR
    Walton Ramsey
    Verified review

    Stop making excuses and console yourself regarding ED. That's not normal! Old people can do this, but not men aged 20 to 30. I am very pleased with Cenforce. I’ve taken pills for two months and I like it very much. My erection significantly improved and I had no side effects at all.

  • SD
    Scot Davids
    Verified review

    I chose Cenforce 150 mg. Taking pills is very simple, it can be done unnoticed to others, even sitting at a table in a restaurant. It takes about 20 minutes until I feel the effect. Sex is MUCH better! I can focus on my pleasure and not think about anything else.

  • MD
    Mark Dexter
    Verified review

    I am grateful to Cenforce. It brings back sex life to us!

  • CP
    Clair Pilgrim
    Verified review

    The devil is in the details. It turns out that not all ED pills are the same. I used Cialis, which lasts 36 hours. I was satisfied with the results, but sometimes I had burning and stomach bloating. One day I told my doctor about it. The interesting thing is that it was a psychologist, not a urologist. It turns out they know about these things too. The doctor said that Cialis may cause dyspepsia almost twice as often as Sildenafil. I searched for this information on the Internet, and the doctor was right! So, I switched to Cenforce. It is not as effective, but it has no side effects.

  • BP
    Blair Pemberton
    Verified review

    Hello, everyone. From time to time I had erectile dysfunction, then it began to appear more often. I got nervous and maybe I even got depressed. I went so far as to lose interest in sex. Now I have a really good erection, and my wife loves it. I am grateful to my wife as it was she who bought Cenforce.

  • SB
    Stefan Berry
    Verified review

    I have been taking Cenforce 100 for 5 months now, this medicine works!!!! I love my wife and now I'm not afraid of sex.

  • DT
    Daniel Tailler
    Verified review

    I’ve always had trouble losing the erection during sex. I ordered Cenforce. Now I have no problem with maintaining my erection for as long as I need. My woman is full of enthusiasm in bed. I realized that after taking a pill I sometimes have pulsations in the head and hot flashes in the face, but nothing serious.

  • DA
    Douglass Aylmer
    Verified review

    I bought Cenforce by advice of a friend, for the sake of experiment. I didn’t dare to try it for a long time. And one night it happened. To my surprise, I realized that my penis could be harder than before. No joke, I didn’t know that!

  • DS
    Dwain Skinner
    Verified review

    Guys, don’t think erectile dysfunction is a sentence. Get rid of negative thoughts, they only cloud your head. Male sexual problems are unpleasant but easy to solve. Just dare to take the first step. I recommend this drug to all those who have ED problems.

  • RR
    Randal Ray
    Verified review

    50 mg pills did not help me, I tried them two times. And 100 mg tablets made my penis hard. The drug is good, but not all dosages are effective.

  • FF
    Flavien Fournier
    Verified review

    Cenforce is a huge advantage for my family, sex is amazing again. The feeling of masculinity increased, now I feel like I’m 19 again! Excellent online pharmacy, first class service. I was treated tactfully and professionally, I really appreciate it. Thanks.

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