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Diflucan generic reviews and testimonials

  • LS
    Laverne Savidge
    Verified review

    Diflucan does what the instructions say. I strongly recommend ordering at this online pharmacy. Super fast delivery.

  • JM
    Jasmine Marsh
    Verified review

    This is a great medication. The first day I felt bad, and only a few days later I didn’t. Yeast infection disappeared and never came back.

  • KB
    Kendall Barnett
    Verified review

    Diflucan works magically. I was surprised! This drug had an almost immediate effect.

  • VC
    Victoria Coupe
    Verified review

    Because of the weakened immunity I have regular yeast infections. I was diagnosed with an unpleasant relapse of vaginal candidiasis. I’ve been taking Diflucan for about 5 months at 150 mg once a week and I’m on a low sugar diet. Do not forget taking pills to speed up recovery. Thank you very much for this medication.

  • SC
    Sterling Conner
    Verified review

    The doctor could not understand the cause of inflammation in the mouth. First, I was prescribed some corticosteroid drug. But I was unlucky and my symptoms got worse. I took tests and the doctor prescribed Diflucan. And as a miracle, 100% healing in 10 days. It wasn’t easy for me, but I’m happy that I recovered.

  • MW
    Maximilian Wilbur
    Verified review

    It was my first online purchase here, and I got exactly what I wanted. Excellent service, very fast shipping, low prices. Highly recommend!

  • OW
    Otis Willard
    Verified review

    It is much easier to swallow Diflucan pills than use a cream. I have genital candidiasis relief in one day. Many people take one more tablet, I only need one dose. It is the best drug!

  • DW
    Dell Wolfe
    Verified review

    I can’t wait for candidiasis to leave my body. I’ve been taking 100 mg a day for two weeks. Pain and white plaque in the throat disappeared fast. Itching and burning eased, but not completely passed. Treatment was simple and effective, there are 7 more days to go. I absolutely recommend this drug!

  • ZR
    Zachary Rose
    Verified review

    I treat diabetes and very often suffer from fungal and yeast infections. Diflucan is a miracle medication compared to the ones I bought before. As a rule, I recover in 2-3 days, once treatment lasted 2 weeks. This works great every time!!!

  • DW
    Dell Wolfe
    Verified review

    I’m very susceptible to vaginal yeast infections. With yeast infection I have terrible itching and burning, especially at night. Every time I take just this med. Unfortunately, Diflucan does not work instantly, a relief of 50% comes after 12 hours. After 24 hours, everything is gone. This drug was a lifesaver!

  • LA
    Lauren Adam
    Verified review

    No complaints. It worked great in my case.

  • AA
    Angelos Allison
    Verified review

    This is my experience with Diflucan. I had problems with my feet. I think they came from cramped shoes and sweating feet. Sometimes there was a rash that went fast. I used all sorts of creams and tried to wear loose shoes. Then there was a rash between the fingers that didn’t go away for weeks. The doctor said it was foot dermatophytosis and prescribed Diflucan. I took one 50 mg tablet every morning. The symptoms eased, but I still finished a three-week treatment. Folks, the drug really works, the fungus is gone.

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