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Fildena Super Active 100 mg reviews and testimonials

  • RC
    Rodney Connelly
    Verified review

    Fildena Super Active - makes me super active in bed. I was a little afraid to take pills with 100 mg of sildenafil but these capsules are just magic!

  • BM
    Ben Mitchell
    Verified review

    The first medicine for impotence treatment which gives me an erection in 20 minutes. I love this drug because with its help I can be much more inventive in sex.

  • TG
    Thomas Grossman
    Verified review

    Fildena gave me back my confidence in bed!!! I can now do everything that I loved so much in my student years. This medicine deserves your attention, because for a little money it provides a good erection for 6-7 hours.

  • AM
    Andy Margera
    Verified review

    Fildena Super Active is a real must-buy for men after 60 years. I haven't been looking for new ED meds for a long time, because since Fildena I completely forgot about any side effects.

  • TB
    Troy Beasley
    Verified review

    This drug really helps me get back a good erection for a long time. I get 4-5 capsules a week and this is enough for me to enjoy sex for at any time i need.

  • KL
    Kevin Longsmith
    Verified review

    I dont know of another drug as effective as Fildena Super Active. I advise it to everyone! Absolutely successful purchase!

  • GD
    Glen Davenport
    Verified review

    I used other drugs with sildenafil in its formula. Now I use only Fildena 100 mg because only these capsules guarantee me a perfect erection without side effects. Hard as a stone penis for many hours!!! A little foreplay is enough and an erection appears. Other drugs only worked if the foreplay lasted more than an hour.

  • CW
    Clint Wallace
    Verified review

    Unfortunately, I am an experienced expert on such a problem as impotence. Fortunately, I haven't felt any difficulties for a long time because I regularly take Fielden. In my practice, these are the best capsules in 100 mg of all that I have managed to use over the past 17 years.

  • JG
    Jonathan Gable
    Verified review

    Fildena helps me to get an erection faster than any other ED drug. I like the fact that the penis retains its strength even 4-5 hours after I finished the last act. I do not feel any side effects and am completely happy with this purchase.

  • EJ
    Edd Jenkinson
    Verified review

    I love this ED med. I am pretty motivated to recommend it to everyone. I am very glad that my doc recommended it to me.

  • AH
    Andy Harrison
    Verified review

    Fildena has long been one of my most used medications. My body tolerates the drug perfectly. I don't experience heart and breathing problems after one capsule. Many original pills from expensive brands caused serious side effects. Now I can be sure that all the time I will have sex will bring me only pleasure.

  • BP
    Benjamin Patterson
    Verified review

    I love this medicine because it brought back to me everything that I loved so much before - confident sex that brings pleasure. I began to feel insecure after 46 years because of impotence. A simple thought that something might not work out for me greatly disturbed me. Now I don't think at all about what created so much stress in me until recently.

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