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Flagyl generic reviews and testimonials

  • JB
    Jamison Beake
    Verified review

    No problems! The drug worked!

  • FD
    Fletcher Dickens
    Verified review

    Flagyl got rid of discharge, odor, etc. but I had hangover-like headaches! As a whole, I'm satisfied.

  • RW
    Reilly Wayne
    Verified review

    I didn't have any of the side effects that everyone talks about so much.

  • DH
    Dyson Hammond
    Verified review

    I took the drug in the summer of 2018, and in January 2022 I was again diagnosed with the same bacterial infection. Flagyl works almost immediately, but I feel like I'm on autopilot. I had a slight dizziness and occasional bloating, but that's about it.

  • HS
    Hubert Stevenson
    Verified review

    Gradually, I see improvements. In the morning I notice dark urine, it turns out this is a rare side effect. If the antibiotic works as before, I'm willing to bear this temporary discomfort.

  • AM
    Andreas Mathieu
    Verified review

    Bought Flagyl 200 mg tablets I couldn't find in other online pharmacies

  • MT
    Morty Terry
    Verified review

    Hello to everyone. I'm the most sensitive guy when it comes to antibiotics. I took a lot of Flagyl (2400 mg per day) and NOTHING BAD HAPPENED! My recommendations: don't drink alcohol, cut out sugar and follow all directions.

  • NL
    Niles Lewin
    Verified review

    I ordered 2 packages of Flagyl. It is a very good pharmacy, the staff is pleasant, it can't be better

  • GS
    Gayle Strange
    Verified review

    I was prescribed Flagyl instead of an antibiotic which didn't seem to work. I woke up at night with a very bitter taste in my mouth. I had to get out of bed and rinse my mouth to get rid of it, but the fast drug effects were worth it. I had a minor infection, and visible infection was resolved within 48 hours

  • PN
    Paolo Napoli
    Verified review

    Good price and fast delivery, recommend!

  • ES
    Eva Suggitt
    Verified review

    Just so you know. Although I’m not really a drinker, I took a few sips of alcohol 1 day after taking Flagyl. Face redness with severe nausea was very unpleasant.

  • CR
    Cyan Robert
    Verified review

    I crossed fingers and bought Flagyl online. I worried about the side effects, but it turned out to be in vain. A 10-day treatment ended on Saturday, and my infection was eliminated.

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