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Kamagra Gold reviews and testimonials

  • GG
    Garry Grenville
    Verified review

    I have low blood pressure problems, so I take Kamagra Gold 50 mg. At first, I used a dose of 100 mg, but it often caused nausea, vomiting and strange tinnitus. My advice is not to stop treatment without trying a dose reduction.

  • DC
    Dallas Church
    Verified review

    I ordered Kamagra Gold online after a friend told me it was doing wonders. I must say that it was an interesting experience and an unexpected discovery. It’s possible that I have mild erectile dysfunction and I need this drug all the time.

  • MC
    Maverick Clarkson
    Verified review

    I'm 64. The drug works well for ED, you need to take it about 1 hour before sex.

  • CS
    Carmine Somma
    Verified review

    During the use of Kamagra Gold my ED almost disappeared and I have also significantly increased my libido. I noticed that about an hour after using the pill heartbeat increases, but not enough for it to be dangerous.

  • SB
    Sheridan Barber
    Verified review

    Reliable effect was enough for me to want to buy Kamagra Gold again.

  • JA
    Joshua Aston
    Verified review

    Kamagra Gold has changed my life for the better. The problem was that I was really sick and it was in the way. Taking pills after meals did not help me. All I had to do was to reduce the dose to 50 mg. I’ve found that even a low dose can be effective. The lower the dose, the easier it is to deal with side effects.

  • DB
    Devin Bentley
    Verified review

    Excellent customer service, products and fast delivery. I highly recommend this pharmacy.

  • WA
    Walter Arlotti
    Verified review

    I have high blood sugar and ED. I’ve barely been interested in sex for the last two years, but in the last three weeks, I feel like I’ve been born again. Kamagra Gold has more than exceeded my expectations, highly recommend.

  • GB
    Grady Branson
    Verified review

    I'm 48. No side effects. It worked GREAT. Sex life has improved significantly.

  • SS
    Sidney Street
    Verified review

    Excellent service and customer care. I buy Kamagra Gold only here.

  • DK
    Darrel Keighley
    Verified review

    In my opinion, Kamagra Gold is a strong drug and not without side effects. I had numbness and tingling in the hands. But this drug does help with erection. I’m very satisfied with the treatment.

  • FA
    Fabian Akers
    Verified review

    I went to my doctor, I was looking for an ED drug to solve the problem with a weak erection. He advised to try Sildenafil, which I did. To be honest, I used Kamagra Gold only once, but I was very surprised. My girlfriend exclaimed: WOW, THAT’S IMPRESSIVE. I really hope I’ll keep getting the same results.

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