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Levitra Brand reviews and testimonials

  • R
    Verified review

    This worked great and had no side effect. Took it and within minutes it was time for action and I was able to repeat hours later. Long lasting.

  • K
    Verified review

    Levitra saved my sex life. I no longer experience the frustration/embarrassment of not getting erect. I take about a 20mg dose and it works within about 30 minutes and continues to work for about 18 hours. Multiple erections are easy to achieve. I am 64 years old and my pre- Levitra erections were seldom full hard or full sized. Now my erections are like when I was in my 20s - hard, thick and upward. I think my lady friend appreciates Levitra as much as I do.

  • G
    Verified review

    This pill works great. It makes me feel better as a male and more energetic. I have better stamina in the bedroom. Thank you so much for making a 60 year old man feel young again! I will definitely continue to buy!

  • I
    Verified review

    I'm 58 and need help at times and this pill is by far the best on the market. I've even had prescription pills for ed and it didn't work as well as the pill. Also it last for several days.

  • R
    Verified review

    I purchased these pills not knowing if they would work. 1st pill I took well let's just say my wife put me in time out. I'm 65 and haven't lasted this long in years.

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    Verified review

    This one actually works every time. No side effects when I take it on a semi empty stomach with 16oz of water. And it’s good for several days.

  • L
    Verified review

    Absolutely PERFECT. I have issues with maintaining a good and strong erection because of neuropathy medications. This pill combats all of it making me feel and perform like a 20 year old. Perfect for those looking to enhance their relationship.... At 44, I definitely need it.

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    Verified review

    This is a great product. It works as advertised. Most products either dont work or leave you with a headache. This one doesn't. It works how you want and when you want. All pros no cons.

  • N
    Verified review

    Took 1 pill on a Friday evening.. 2-3 hrs later I was soo ready for the moment. Writing this review now on Sunday.. and still goin strong. Minimum headache.. drink plenty water to help. This levitra works well.. lasts a few days.

  • L
    Verified review

    It takes a few hours to kick in, but then it works for two to three days. It lowers blood pressure rather drastically, that is the only caveat.

  • E
    Verified review

    I bought them for my fiance and let me tell you they really worked he could tell the difference too Its a must buy.

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    Verified review

    This is by far the best product I ever used . It gives a longer and lasting superior performance. I recommend this pill to everyone. You won’t be disappointed.

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