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Olumiant generic reviews and testimonials

  • CD
    Colby Dickenson
    Verified review

    I am very grateful and do not mind paying extra money for very fast shipping. I knew I wouldn't get an appointment with the doctor and I'm not sure if he could help me, so I ordered Olumiant online.

  • FA
    Ford Attwater
    Verified review

    I thought that only very unlucky people could get infected with Covid twice, and it turns out I'm one of them. I took Olumiant for 14 days. The drug didn't have an immediate effect. Although the first symptoms of COVID disappeared, I did not feel quite normal. I had constant headaches, nervousness, a feeling of fear, all this made it difficult to go about daily activities.

  • AB
    Amaury Brams
    Verified review

    This website is very useful when medicines are needed urgently and without visiting a doctor.

  • AM
    Ayuba Meindl
    Verified review

    The problem is that no one fully understands how to cure coronavirus. Olumiant really helps with coronavirus. This is confirmed by studies conducted on hundreds of thousands of people around the world. Olumiant may not be able to help everyone, but it helps many. I'm disappointed that this drug is not available to all the people who might benefit from it.

  • WA
    Willard Andrews
    Verified review

    Thank you, I was impressed by the speed of delivery and the ease of use of the website.

  • KD
    Kerri Darby
    Verified review

    I would also like to know where I got infected. Of all the people I know and with whom I communicate, only I have been ill. First, the temperature rose to 37.2, then I lost my sense of smell and taste. Cough appeared only after a few days. When I realized that I was short of breath, I was scared. When I took Olumiant I hoped for the best. I felt a noticeable relief on the 3rd day. I took the drug for another 10 days until the infection disappeared.

  • KM
    Kelly Martel
    Verified review

    I had health problems and I knew I was susceptible to viruses. So, I tried to stay at home as much as possible, rarely went out and only wearing a mask. I could have been infected at a nearby shop, but now I'll never know for sure. I got a fever and I got worried. After a few days it became harder to breathe, I could hardly walk. After Olumiant, my breathing became easier, trembling and throat pain eased. My path to recovery was difficult, but it wasn't as bad as those of my colleagues or people I've read about on the Internet.

  • SD
    Seydou Dirksen
    Verified review

    Many thanks to all the experts, doctors and volunteers involved in the study of Olumiant for the treatment of patients with COVID-19. So many people have COVID, treatment centers can't handle it, medical care can't keep up with the vast needs of patients. I hope Olumiant can help other people as it helped me.

  • QR
    Quintin Richard
    Verified review

    Hello, everyone! I'm 43. That was my first order. Generally, I'm satisfied with the service and the availability of Olumiant, which was hard to find in other online pharmacies.

  • ES
    Erick Stroud
    Verified review

    The virus attacked my lungs, I had severe coughing fits, pain all over my body and chills. I wanted to live for my family and I did not lose the ability to resist. I know there is no 100% cure for COVID, but it seems that Olumiant could help me. On May 24, I felt that the symptoms were easing, and in 2 weeks my self-isolation ended.

  • PW
    Phillip Woodhams
    Verified review

    Hello, everyone, I have recovered from Covid and am ready to come back to the study.

  • CH
    Charla Howland
    Verified review

    I am satisfied with the result of your work, service is good and delivery is on time. Thank you very much.

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