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Propecia generic reviews and testimonials

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    Verified review

    I've been using this for several months now. Started seeing slight results after 60 days, better results after 90 days and consiste growth since then. I didn't try any other hair supplements before this one so I have nothing to compare it to but, it is definitely working for me so no need to try anything else.

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    Verified review

    Hard to believe this, but it actually stopped my hair loss 100% within a month. If you are thinning, get this ASAP.

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    Verified review

    I am so so happy!!! This product has restored my hair with its magical formula! I have hair in places I never knew I had before! Like my forehead! And my pointer finger! (Just the left one)

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    Verified review

    Anxiously awaiting great results.

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    Verified review

    I'm using this product for hair growth and thickness. I just started the product and and have a 30 day supply. I want to continue the product because I'm starting to see positive changes in the thickness.

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    Verified review

    The product came just as promised. I was able to start my hair journey immediately.

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    Verified review

    I have used this product for three months now. I can honestly say I have seen results. My hair is thicker and fallout consists of the natural amount of less than 100 a day, much less than that, actually. Remembering that hair follicles grow slowly, don't expect a miracle, but with daily use, it will help.

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    Verified review

    My hair loss that I was experiencing stopped completely in it's tracks, and I actually grew back some hair at the crown of my head. Every individual to whom I've recommended the drug has had at least their hair loss stop. I'm a complete cynic and consider this a wonder drug. Once you start taking it (and if you continue to take it for the rest of your life- hey, that's science, man) you will keep all the hair you have from that moment on.

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    Verified review

    I have used many hair re-growth products as I am a 38 year old male with thinning hair. I am pleased thus far with propecia although it's only been a few days I have seen less hair falling out. I will order again and update my progress.

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    Verified review

    I have noticed a thickening of my hair since using this.

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    Verified review

    Been using for two weeks and can already tell it's making my hair grow.

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    Verified review

    I have been taking this product for about a month now, and no longer see hairs in the sink anymore. I feel this product is working and with continuous use results will be evident. I recommend this product if you want to keep the hair you currently have and for regrowth of new hair.

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