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Prozac generic reviews and testimonials

  • MG
    Mell Gilliam
    Verified review

    I have major depressive disorder, PTSD and a ton of anxieties. I’ve been on painkillers all my life. Unfortunately, now I have to add Prozac to the list. Well, as long as it keeps me away from certain thoughts, I can live with that. In addition, I am able to work, although I do experience lack of concentration when I’m on it.

  • TP
    Tyler Price
    Verified review

    This medication did not have an immediate effect on me. I suffer from PTSD and have troubles sleeping. I nearly quit the meds after several days, but my doctor advised me to stay on it a little longer. It just makes me tired and dizzy. I guess it does help a bit to calm me down, but not as much as I expected.

  • OD
    Oliver Davis
    Verified review

    Prozac has helped me to get rid of depression in just 2 weeks. Initially I was prescribed a 3 months course, but I’ve chosen to stop earlier. It was a little expensive, plus I feel much better.

  • WS
    William Short
    Verified review

    I never allowed myself to think that depression was an actual medical disorder. I thought it was mostly about advertising and profit. But a situation has occurred in my life, when my health was on the line. Antidepressants were instrumental in my recovery, and I am glad my mind was changed towards it, otherwise I would simply not make it out. I took Prozac on a daily basis following a facial reconstruction surgery.

  • MW
    Morgan Woods
    Verified review

    I’ve been having mild anxieties all my life. Recently, my nervousness went through the roof! What I thought was a positive change turned out to be a whole new load of responsibilities. It only took one week before I lost all my inspiration. This job opportunity, I was so after, was simply draining me. People that hired me, went from praise to smirk, and it was a finishing blow for me. There was a lot on the line, and it nearly finished me off. I’ve never used any psychoactive meds before and was kinda hoping to stay away from it altogether. This time, however, I had to crawl out of the hole, and it was Prozac that helped me.

  • DH
    Danni Hawkins
    Verified review

    I am on week 3 of Prozac. It saved me from doing something terrible to myself, and it has shown me that there is still reason to live. I gave up on myself because of betrayal by someone I felt very attached to. But I was wrong! There is much more to life than sorrow and ridiculous attachment to someone who doesn’t care. I rediscovered things I loved doing when I was a teenager. All I needed was a little break from the anguish, and it has done a miracle.

  • RH
    Rachel Hopkins
    Verified review

    Hi! I am 50, and I’ve been on various SSRI meds for over 7 years. From my experience, Prozac has been the most effective. Its effects are much more obvious, and it starts to work faster than other meds I have tried.

  • ZC
    Zak Chapman
    Verified review

    Hello! I was taking Prozac for sometime last year. It did help me with the depression, but I noticed that I started to forget things and basically became very disorganized. I kept losing my keys and forgetting where I put things. That made me feel angry at times, and I decided to stop taking meds altogether. Perhaps, I would resume the therapy if my condition gets out of control.

  • LG
    Layton George
    Verified review

    I was taking Prozac in small doses while in school, since I am very prone to panic attacks. I have tried other antidepressants/stimulants, but Prozac was the most effective in my case.

  • SH
    Sebastian Harper
    Verified review

    Hi! I’ve been recovering from COVID several weeks ago. For some reason, it mostly affected my mental health. There were flu-like symptoms, of course, but this time it has also given me a constant hyped-up feeling of alarm. For no reason at all, my heart was racing all the time. I had a difficult time falling asleep. I am still taking Prozac daily, and it helps to deal with the discomfort.

  • AL
    Andrew Lawerence
    Verified review

    I highly recommend Prozac for all mental disorders. I have seen it working for my friends, and I am very grateful that these people are still alive and well thanks to this drug. There are side effects, but as long as it is used as intended, the side effects are minimized.

  • RD
    Rene Davidson
    Verified review

    Hi, I’ve been living with OCD since childhood, and also I am very awkward around people. The funny thing about Prozac is that it makes OCD seem fun, and it does not torment me as much.

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