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Silagra reviews and testimonials

  • EW
    Ethan Wright
    Verified review

    Doc recommended Silagra as small doses of sildenafil didn't get significant effect. Now I have a strong long-lasting erection and can have an orgasm several times a night. My wife is satisfied.

  • ZN
    Zachary Noble
    Verified review

    Had some facial flushing first time but everything is ok now. Use Silagra for almost 2 years because its worthy.

  • SW
    Stuart Walker
    Verified review

    I was having trouble getting and keeping a full erection last 20 years. Now I use Silagra and its enought for me to get as much sex performance as I need every week.

  • AC
    Aaron Cutler
    Verified review

    Silagra got me back my erection and now I able to perform penetrative sexual intercourse without any trouble.

  • JA
    Jerry Augustino
    Verified review

    I didn't get results with other meds. Silagra works great. 100mg dosage may seem big but I don't feel painful side effects actually.

  • RC
    Raymond Cole
    Verified review

    Silagra helps me to forget stress because now I am 100% confident in my performance. Erection is hard both at night and next morning.

  • TB
    Tom Brighton
    Verified review

    I was experienced drastically reduced sexual ability from the age of 40. In recent months, I have discovered Silagra and am very happy with these pills.

  • FD
    Frank Doherty
    Verified review

    Erection stays hard when I wake up next morning! Love this ED med cuz its worthy

  • KL
    Kenneth Lewis
    Verified review

    First time I used 100mg dosage without any troubles. Silagra made me forget all those severe side effects that I had previously.

  • CB
    Clark Benoit
    Verified review

    First time had a mild headache. Last year I am using Silagra without any major sides. EF is back and it works perfectly.

  • GP
    Gregory Perk
    Verified review

    Silagra is extra effective just after one hour after I take it. Erection is strong and stable. Don't regret money spent.

  • BH
    Benjamin Harris
    Verified review

    Silagra is the only ED medicine that doesn't cause me a back-pain. Totally satisfied with how the med affects my body, especially heart and blood pressure.

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