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Tadalis Sx reviews and testimonials

  • CP
    Craig Partridge
    Verified review

    My erection has become intermittent since the age of 50. Last 2 years I take 20 mg of Tadalis Sx and feel extremely good. Erection is as hard as a stone. I can enjoy my sex life as at College times. Definitely this drug is brilliant... And pretty cheap!

  • MS
    Manny Stevenson
    Verified review

    Really rolls back the years! For me personally Tadalis is the best product so far that I have used (20mg) one tablet will keep me going for 2-3 days when aroused

  • WF
    Will Foster
    Verified review

    Like this drug. The effect lasts all day with no SE. Stimulation is required but within seconds the erection is there.

  • NP
    Nate Peterson
    Verified review

    I usually take Tadalis an hour before needed for better results. The effect lasts for 2 nights. So reliable drug. No problems at all with it.

  • WM
    Walter Morton
    Verified review

    I had problems with maintaining erections after the age of 50. I’m now taking 20mg of Tadalis daily and it’s like I’m 18 again. Rock hard erections whenever I need them. Easily lasts long enough to satisfy my wife multiple times.

  • GJ
    Glen Johnson
    Verified review

    Can't remember my first day of use Tadalis Sx. I am a 62 years married man. My ED started at the age of 55. It started with a weak erection and just in 3 years I almost lost erectile function at all. After getting the very first pill of Tadalis I felt that my penis became hard. This medicine allows me to stimulate the circulatory system of the genitals without harm to the body. That is why I use Tadalis week after week.

  • AM
    Adam Mansfield
    Verified review

    Great drug for a good price. Erection gets back in one hour and remains as long as I need. I can easily spend 3-4 hour for my sex activities without feeling tired or exhausted. Tadalis 20 mg is the best drug for people like me who have a very intense sex life

  • J
    John Fireshell
    Verified review

    I like the way this drug does it work. Hadn't felt any side effects during the last 10 month. Erections are rock solid and last as long as I want them to. Next erection can return just as hard 10 minutes after ejaculation. Definitely Tadalis Sx worth a try.

  • SL
    Stephen Lynch
    Verified review

    What a great drug! Not only has it helped with the BPH but I can get an extremely hard and full girth erection easily! I'm 71 and perform like I'm 30 again!

  • ML
    Marvin Lee Graham
    Verified review

    I am 57 and in the last 10 years my erection has been getting worse and worse. I tried different medications, but in the last year I finally chose Tadalis. I like how long the effect lasts. And I like that there are practically no side effects. The effects it had on me - a harder and more frequent and spontaneous erection with comments from my wife that my erection appeared thicker with the veins more pronounced.

  • SB
    Sam Butcher
    Verified review

    20mg done wonders. My girlfriend got inspired. We had multiple times in one night. First time i felt little dizzy but nothing serious, will def continue and strongly advise this medication !

  • RD
    Raymond Debiasi
    Verified review

    I was getting to the point that I was losing interest in sexual activity. Some later I discovered Tadalis Sx and after just a few days of taking it, I could produce an erection on demand provided there was sexual stimulation from my wife. I now get rock hard again, and can stay hard throughout the performance and sometimes beyond.

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