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Vermox generic reviews and testimonials

  • TD
    Theresa Danniel
    Verified review

    My husband and I had no side effects, my son was a little unlucky. During all three days of taking Vermox, he complained of burning and slight pain in the abdomen. The main thing is that everyone has undergone anti-parasitic cleaning.

  • BB
    Basil Butts
    Verified review

    I'm glad I was able to order Vermox online, and thanks for the fast delivery.

  • LB
    Lloyd Brittain
    Verified review

    Vermox is a universal drug with a wide spectrum of action, suitable for the elimination of all types of worms. I take it for the second time and I am satisfied with everything, I definitely recommend it.

  • BE
    Buck Easton
    Verified review

    This pharmacy is the only place where I could buy Vermox tablets online.

  • FP
    Fabiano Pletcher
    Verified review

    Do you have a problem with pinworms in your family (itchy ass)? Vermox will solve this problem. I have three children, two are in kindergarten and one is a teenager. I have known about Vermox for many years and oh yes, IT WORKS.

  • JK
    Jacob Kendrick
    Verified review

    I advise it for helminthic infection, tested on myself.

  • AA
    Ambroise Agosti
    Verified review

    I'm very satisfied with the price. I will surely use this pharmacy again, but I hope for a different occasion.

  • CM
    Corey Milburn
    Verified review

    Hello! I bought Vermox 100 mg, the pills work very fast and efficiently. I would recommend them to anyone with worms, and I hope I will never have these problems again.

  • AG
    Arthur Giles
    Verified review

    A very good cure.

  • SS
    Sybil Swallow
    Verified review

    The best remedy for Ascaris. I gave Vermox to my 6-year-old child. No physical side effects, only a slight decrease in appetite.

  • LK
    Leonard Kerner
    Verified review

    Helpful service and such an easy ordering process.

  • AN
    Anne Niles
    Verified review

    I'm glad to see we're not alone. All adults and children in my home took 2 doses for 3 days. Children felt better on the second day. Everyone complained a little about feeling bad, but I don’t know if it was due to the drug or the infection. The price of the pills is affordable, so if you have to take them for all family members, you will not have any problems.

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