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Viagra Brand reviews and testimonials

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    Verified review

    This pill does it’s job with no headache!! I’m a life time customer!

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    Verified review

    First time I tried these and they worked like a charm. I got the extra strength since I read all the reviews and saw that people said good things about them. They kicked in quickly and I didn't feel funny after taking the pill. It was great.

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    Verified review

    To start off I’m actually 24. These last 3 months or so I have been watching alot of ph. When I get around the ladies it normally take awhile to get erect. Now I’m hard as a rock! It works and works well. There is a slight headache but who cares lol.

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    Verified review

    The pill that never sleeps is the bomb! For me personally after I Take it the effects last 2 to 3 days. I have add zero side effects whatsoever. The product was delivered early which is a bonus! I have tried other similar products but nothing has delivered like the pill that never sleeps!

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    Verified review

    We have tried a variety of these types of products and there are definitely ones that you "notice" work better than the others. This is the one we will get again for sure. From a wife perspective he was "alert" longer and with more stamina. Buy this, you won't be sorry!

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    Verified review

    I am so pleased with The Pill, it absolutely works, and keeps on working, and working, and working. Every time I think about sex it’s “Houston We Have A Problem” ( Take Off). I recommend this product and I follow the the dosage as recommended. Make sure you drink plenty of water when using this product too. Satisfied customer, I give this product 5.

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    Verified review

    Hello, I purchased the Viagra pill for the first time about a week ago, to try it out. I read the reviews and hear a lot about headaches and dehydration. I took the pill and had zero side effects. It worked great, not over the top, but just the erection I was looking for. I drank plenty of water, and woke up just fine. Thank you for a great product!! I really enjoyed it!!

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    Verified review

    Great product rock solid results drink plenty of water with them

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    Verified review

    Love the product, 55 Yo male and its has really worked well, great erections, the fullest they have been in years. My wife kinda complains because of the size. No headaches, I mix half a pill in water and drink it that way / then the other half a couple days later and goo to go for several days.

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    Verified review

    My husband got these pills to try for us; I LOVE them makes him last long and wanna go all night! My husband said it makes him feel a bit rapey at first, but then it’s fine. No side effects at all! Last three days so beware! Wear jeans; might rip through them this is what porn stars take.... literally

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    Verified review

    This product works for me. I had good results and good results even into the second and third day. I haven't had any issue with headaches as others have described. I haven't noticed any real side effects. I would definitely recommend this product. I was skeptical, but the this Pill made a believer out of me.

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    Verified review

    So I'm getting older and I need help sometimes, so I tried The Pill. We I'm glad I did this has helped more than any other I've used. It out lasted the other ones. I was impressed with the money i saved compared to the others that are out there. Thank you for making me feel young again. I would recommend this for others, just drink lots of water.

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