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Vidalista reviews and testimonials

  • LT
    Lindsey Thomas
    Verified review

    Vidalista 5 mg tablets are just super, better than 20 mg tablets taken as required! The effect is constant, sex at any time of the day or night. There were no special side effects, but I noticed that I began going to the loo less often.

  • SP
    Shirley Parks
    Verified review

    I had sexual problems with my wife (no erection). These problems caused internal conflicts, as the wife considered herself not so attractive anymore. To solve this problem, I went to a urologist. After some tests, the doctor advised me to take Tadalafil, and I agreed. The doctor clarified that the pills will work only in the case of the active wife’s participation. I ordered Vidalista, when the parcel was delivered, I showed the drug to my wife and told about the doctor's recommendations. Sexual life has improved. Wife is my partner in treatment, we plan sex in advance so that the pill has time to work.

  • NL
    Nigel Leyton
    Verified review

    Hello to everyone. It would be interesting to know the opinion of other men who have taken Vidalista and the original drug. Have any of you had such an experience? Did you feel equally well, including side effects (primarily hot flushes in the face)? In the end, these drugs have the same active substance and so the effect should be the same.

  • HP
    Helmut Proulx
    Verified review

    I know that it is necessary to have a prescription to buy original drugs for erectile dysfunction at any pharmacy, or they will not sell it to you. I don't know how many men are willing to discuss their intimate problems with a doctor. As for me, I no longer go to the doctor and buy Vidalista online. Besides, the generic is much cheaper. In my opinion, the cost of original drugs is simply sky-high. My verdict: Vidalista works great, at least in my experience. The price is lower, but the result is the same. Decide for yourself, good luck on your path!

  • AT
    Adolph Trevis
    Verified review

    I had some problems with erection: sometimes it was short, sometimes it was not hard enough. I decided not to put up with my weakened erectile function. I've used the pills since 2020. At first, I bought Vidalista in a drug-store. Then I compared prices and started buying Vidalista online. No appreciable side effects (I am a registered nurse boy with 30 years of experience).

  • RS
    Reid Steffen
    Verified review

    I don't really need it, but sometimes I take Vidalista. It has much fewer side effects compared with Viagra. I only had a slight headache. I had a wonderful experience.

  • SA
    Sieghard Alesci
    Verified review

    I can find no fault in the service. I bought Vidalista three times. A very fast delivery and good packaging.

  • AF
    Alden Finch
    Verified review

    Last month I used Vidalista 10 mg once. There were no particular problems with erection, I just wanted to feel the difference before and after. This month I use Vidalista from time to time. Oh yes, really great! The pills give me a pretty strong erection, my sex life has improved. My wife hasn't complained at all in the last few weeks. I haven't told her about the pills, but I think she would approve. Good luck with your experiments!

  • BB
    Basile Boivin
    Verified review

    Wonderful website, navigation is very easy. My order was delivered as indicated. Thank you for not making us fill a lot of forms. Vidalista works, I can see the difference. The price is suitable for me.

  • MB
    Morris Buckley
    Verified review

    I had prostate and erection problems. I started taking Vidalista 5 mg every morning. It is a wonderful medicine. It seemed that my dick came back to life. During the first few months, the number of nighttime urinations decreased by about 40%. Six months later, I only got up once a night.

  • XB
    Xaver Beiler
    Verified review

    Unhealthy lifestyle, smoking, slight obesity, etc., I think all this affected my erection and sexual abilities. Since I started using Vidalista, I have regained my self-confidence. As for me, I advise using small doses of 10 mg or 20 mg. The effect is always fast and positive. At higher doses, erection did not get better, but I had some problems, such as face redness.

  • KB
    Keith Bellamy
    Verified review

    I have a relationship, but we live apart, so sex isn't always regular. Vidalista 20 was a real boon, it is fantastic. For me, one tablet lasts about 48 hours. It is an ideal option when we spend the weekend together. An occasional minor side effect is a feeling of burning in my esophagus. Milk, yogurt, or chewing gum help with this problem.

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