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Vigora reviews and testimonials

  • HM
    Horatio Morrison
    Verified review

    My dosage (50mg) suits me perfectly. This ED med is a real magic.

  • GP
    Gordon Pyle
    Verified review

    I use this drug every week for almost 6 months and everything is perfect during this time.

  • MW
    Morton Wallace
    Verified review

    My experience of using Vigora is super successful. I get a huge erection that lasts and last until I don't want (or my wife doesn't) sex. It's very useful for people of my age (63). Don't feel tired next day and zero adverses found

  • DJ
    Dylan Jarvis
    Verified review

    I tried Vigora last fall and now I use 50mg pills every weekend. Have rock hard erection at night and next morning. Aged 70, no major side effects experienced.

  • KD
    Killian Dunst
    Verified review

    What a dummy I was before. it was scary to try a 100mg pill. Now its my favorite dosage of Vigora. Effective and still safe.

  • BR
    Bernie Rogers
    Verified review

    My erectile dysfunction began 10 years ago. Then I was afraid to drink sildenafil. Today I can't imagine life without Vigora. With these pills, I completely stopped experiencing stress due to erectile dysfunction.

  • JF
    Josh Flint
    Verified review

    Vigora is able to make miracles. My penis gets hard right after I get aroused. I became young again.

  • JM
    Jason Muse
    Verified review

    Super medicine. I have been using Vigora for the last 3 months.

  • MV
    Malcolm Vallance
    Verified review

    Vigora saved my life. I took antidepressants for a long time, and they are a real setup, because depression also appears after them. Sex became my best antidepressant and Vigora gave me everything I needed for this.

  • PB
    Patrick Buchanan
    Verified review

    2 tablets of Vigora are enough for me to have sex all weekend. Now I am capable of prolonged sexual intercourse, what is a great deal in the age of 69.

  • NL
    Nate Livermore
    Verified review

    I have been looking for an effective inexpensive medicine for a long time and Vigora became exactly what helped me to overcome erectile dysfunction.

  • BH
    Brad Holmsgate
    Verified review

    My doctor advised me to use Vigora to improve my erection and reduce the symptoms of benign hyperplasia. One strike - two targets defeated. That's how effective medicine must work!

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