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Zithromax generic reviews and testimonials

  • MS
    Mathew Scott
    Verified review

    I don't know who to thank for that but Zithromax really saved me during Covid-19. I had a temperature of 39, heat, fever and I was breathing very heavily. Exactly 3 days I took Zithromax before I got better. This is truly a magical drug. Perhaps if not for this antibiotic, I would have gone to the hospital.

  • HB
    Heather Burke
    Verified review

    As far as I know, Zithromax is the best solution for Covid. Only this drug can quickly stop pneumonia. If Zithromax no longer helps, the patient is given hormonal drugs. My wife is a nurse and she said that Zithromax should always be on hand during this difficult time.

  • CW
    Carol Weaver
    Verified review

    I was prescribed Zithromax when I was in the hospital with pneumonia due to Covid. Before that, I took some other antibiotic, but it did not help me. After taking Zithromax, I definitely felt better.

  • RS
    Ross Smith
    Verified review

    My husband often gets inflammation of the airways because he is sensitive to cold. Zithromax helps very much with bad cough or difficulties in breathing. We take the drug for pneumonia or infectious bronchitis. And it works.

  • LM
    Lisa Moreno
    Verified review

    Because of Covid, I had pneumonia. The doctor at once prescribed Zithromax. After 4 days, I took an x-ray and the doctor said that the disease was not progressing. This antibiotic has helped me and I am happy that I was able to stop Covid very fast.

  • CR
    Christopher Reynolds
    Verified review

    Zithromax helped me to fight off some very unpleasant symptoms, I was kind of worried it was The Flue. I felt better, and the symptoms never came back again. I am very happy with it.

  • NM
    Nicole Marquez
    Verified review

    I have used Zithromax for some health related issues before, and it has been prescribed to other members of my family. Recently I had an ear infection with some other accompanying symptoms as well as a headache. In my case, it may take several days for an infection to be completely gone with the use of zithromax.

  • SO
    Steve Ortega
    Verified review

    Hi! Zithromax is the only medicine that I use for cold related symptoms.

  • AS
    Amanda S.
    Verified review

    I use Zithromax if the symptoms of the cold are too severe. Otherwise, I prefer to recover on my own.

  • DW
    Don Wheeler
    Verified review

    Zithromax has been prescribed many times by our family doctor and has no side effects.

  • AL
    Andrew Larson
    Verified review

    Hi! I always use Zithromax for any sinus related symptoms.

  • M
    Verified review

    Hi! I’ve used Zithromax several days ago, as it was recommended by my therapist. The effects were not as obvious right away. But I am back on my feet. It was a difficult year for me, and I have no time for being sick. Thank you!

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