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Artvigil reviews and testimonials

  • SS
    Sammy Steels
    Verified review

    Just adore this drug. It helps me be more focused on work. I don't want to sleep during the day and can have a healthy deep sleep when the night comes.  

  • LC
    Lucas Chamberlain
    Verified review

    I ignored ADHD until the age of 35. Indeed this problem will ruin your career if it is not treated. I am 1 year on Artvigil now. Will never change this med because it gives me freshness without side effects.

  • GL
    George Lawrence
    Verified review

    Artvigil is best if you want to stop uncontrolled desire to sleep at the middle of the day. I take it in the morning and can work hard for 8-10 hours without needing energy drinks or coffee. No more chest pain, headache and appetite loss as it was when I used other generics.

  • MF
    Mitchell Fitzpatrick
    Verified review

    This medicine is kinda fuel for my brain. I use it 2-3 times a week, when it becomes too difficult to go through my sleep disorder on my own. Artvigil helps me to remain super productive without any side effects.

  • JH
    Jaime Hernandez
    Verified review

    I have a bunch of unpleasant disorders so finding a good med is a complicated task for me. Artvigil is the best one I found so far. Will never take back other generics that I ever used. Everything is going well now.

  • DB
    Dan Barrow
    Verified review

    I just love the way my brain works after I take these pills. Everything becomes so clear and I can focus on my boring graphs and formulas (I'm a financial analyst). I have to analize tons of infos during the workday. My workflow doesn't stop when I am at home. I can get important data about funds and stock exchange. Artvigil gave me back my smart brain. That is why I'll use it on and on!!!

  • NB
    Natalie Bennet
    Verified review

    Artvigil is the best drug I used so far in my narcolepsy therapy. It works without significant adverse effects and doesn't provoke addiction. I am totally satisfied with my experience. 

  • AC
    Angela Campbell
    Verified review

    My doctor prescribed Artvigil a year ago to reduce narcolepsy. After College my disease doubled or almost tripled. It was difficult for me to work 3-4 days at a row. A week of five workdays was a mission impossible for me. After a year on Artvigil I am no more that sick disordered person anymore. I am the best in my team and have enough energy to motivate my colleagues. 

  • RM
    Richard Morris
    Verified review

    Being a truck driver you must be 100% concentrated on the moment. When my sleep disorder started I lost half a year to fixing myself. Otherwise, any horrible scenery could happen. Artvigil is that drug which helped me not to lose my favorite job. Now I can work, sleep and don't feel sick after taking a pill. The most suitable medicine ever!

  • AL
    Adam Lawrence
    Verified review

    Artvigil really does what it's promised. I don't lose energy after 5-6 hours of hard mental work and don't feel anxiety. I can control myself and control my bipolar disorder. After 6 years of being tortured by sleep disorder I can relax and sleep as deep as it can be. 

  • GH
    Gavin Hughes
    Verified review

    I am on Artvigil for a year on. Everything seems normal now. I don't want to sleep after the very first complicated task while working. Later any difficult problem triggered in me the desire to sleep.

  • DM
    Donovan McNeil
    Verified review

    It's my basic medication now. Can't imagine a week without taking Artvigil. It helps me to be more organized, focused at any more and less important details of my business. This drug definitely is able to rebuild energy inside you. I can sleep at night without these horrible interruptions as it was in the bad times of my chronic fatigue syndrome. I am 43, but I feel a huge energy inside me. 

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