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Artvigil reviews and testimonials

  • BG
    Bennett Gilmore
    Verified review

    My CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome) was hell disgusting. Two years ago I had to lose 1-2 workdays (unpaid sick leave) because I had ZERO energy and it took up to 14 hours a day to sleep. Artvigil returned me to my previous normal life. Now I take 1 pill every 3 day because the day after I take a pill I can maintain my wakefulness.

  • AC
    Alicia Coleman
    Verified review

    After a week on Artvigil I found it to be super effective for my ADHD. I am no more anxious and can breathe calmly. Also I can practice my running workouts and work at the office in absolute comfort. First time i felt kinda dry in mouth and could not feel the appetite for food for about 10 hours. Now my body and Artvigil perfectly coexist and I feel great!

  • SS
    Sam Sandova
    Verified review

    After 10 years of working the night shift, it was very difficult for me to start working like all people - from mornings. It provoked in me a MASSIVE shift work sleep disorder. My problem progressed to peak position 2 years ago. About 3 weeks I couldn't sleep more than 2-3 hour a day. Thanks to Artvigil everything turned to normal. I am 100% productive in the daytime and I can easily fall asleep after watching my series after 22 PM. l

  • SM
    Sidney McTominay
    Verified review

    I regret that in the old days there were no such good medicines as Artvigil and I had to cheer up with energy drinks.

  • DS
    Derek Stones
    Verified review

    Artvigil is the only narcolepsia - killing med that doesn't make me sick to my stomach and kidneys.

  • LF
    Lewis Farrell
    Verified review

    Unfortunately, I am an experienced patient with hypersomnia who also suffers from сhronic fatigue syndrome. After two decades of experience, tons of meds used and thousands of dollars spent I chose Artvigil. This medication makes me feel normal throughout the day. I take one pill at 7:30 in the morning. Just after two hours I am already overactive at work. A nap after 13 PM is a passed problem now. I am a workable boss of my department again. Side effects have not occurred in the last 2 years.

  • BJ
    Ben Jenkinson
    Verified review

    This medication perfectly suits me. My inattentive ADHD was progressing rapidly in the last 5 years becoming a real threat to my career. Artvigil helps me to be more concentrated on all things I do during the day. Аlso, my sleep cycles have returned to normal.

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