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Artvigil reviews and testimonials

  • LB
    Leslie Burn
    Verified review

    This med seems to be much better than any other modafinil generics. Dosage suits me well. My sleep disorders are FIXED now. Almost no adverse reaction as it was while using other meds. No headache, chest pain and blood rush. I like Artvigil cuz it really saves lives!

  • SH
    Stanley Howard
    Verified review

    Artvigil covers all my needs. I can fall asleep exactly when I need it - in the late evening, but not at the middle of the day, as it was later. I am good with my ADHD now. No uncontrollable anxiety as it was frequently. I am good at work and feel great. 

  • JH
    Jeremy Holloway
    Verified review

    This med increased my concentration and gave me back to normal 7-8 hours sleep at night. Artvigil is better than any other meds for narcolepsy therapy.

  • LJ
    Logan Johnson
    Verified review

    As I am a member of the night shift staff, I have to be 100% concentrated on my work. It was very difficult for me to move from the early shift to night ones. First months i almost lost ability to sleep well. Artvigil helped me a lot, so now I am great at my work and don't feel sick when it comes to the end of the shift. 

  • BD
    Benny Dunston
    Verified review

    Artvigil helps me to reduce stress and distractibility caused by attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

  • BS
    Betty Sharp
    Verified review

    I have been on Artvigil for two years now. After my 30s my fibromyalgia became a real threat to life. This drug has significantly changed things. Artvigil honestly makes me feel normal for the most part of the day. I am able to take naps or sleep when I need and I am 100% effective at work day after day. My fibromyalgia became less painful and I can enjoy life. 

  • KD
    Kristen Dawson
    Verified review

    Now I can easily get out of bed and be fresh and be super effective at work. Artvigil helped me a lot when I was student and still is a magic-pill for me. I am no more that disordered person as I was 3-4 years ago.

  • PB
    Peter Brooks
    Verified review

    Artvigil has become a significant part of my hypersomnia treatment. The smoothest med I ever took. It works much better than other generics and effects of awakeness and energy last longer. 

  • AB
    Ann-Mary Briasco
    Verified review

    Super effective medication. It eliminates the anxiety associated with depression and ADHD. Fall in love with Artvigil just after the first trial. Now I can be focused and productive without feeling overstressed. My pals and family members say I am totally another person now. No more that overstrained woman whom I was last 20 years.

  • NR
    Nathan Reynolds
    Verified review

    I don't like other narcolepsy meds because my body is super sensitive. After the age of 35 it became too hard to harness and deal with my problem without pills. Artvigil - is the best that I've tried. I am a perfect IT manager now and can work as much as I/my company need. 10 points from 10 to Artvigil!!! 

  • KA
    Kelly Andrews
    Verified review

    Have tried several medicines to reduce my ADHD. Recently my problems progressed as they never have been before. I transformed into a bowl of stress. Every problem at work and my personal life was treated as a HUGE problem. Artvigil has helped me to calm down< reduce anxiety and concentrate better on business management. I feel great now!

  • JC
    Jerome Coclaine
    Verified review

    Wonder med! I am fresh and good for any mindwork during the day and don't think of nap. Artvigil increased my energy and I don't feel anxiety in the late afternoon like it was with other generics.

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